Why use Toddler Bean Bag

Why use Toddler Bean Bag
April 13, 2016 admin
Aeroplane Toddler Bean Bag

Toddler bean bags

Our Aeroplane Toddler Bean Bag is fantastic in little ones rooms and anywhere in the house, and will make their room look super funky and is super cool for sitting on while reading book, watching TV and for table games. The beans allow you to create comfortable positions for your little one and most of the times you are going to need to take your toddler bean bag with you wherever you go.

This Aeroplane Toddler Bean Bag is has been designed with quality in mind and is made with 100% cotton.

Simply remove cover and can be machine washed.

Up to 60KGS

For more information on the Aeroplane Bean Bag please contact us.

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