Why should I use a breastfeeding pillow?

Why should I use a breastfeeding pillow?
April 10, 2016 admin
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After your pregnancy and all the ups and downs now its time to embrace motherhood. As a mother I struggled with breastfeeding and I understand the frustrations surrounding this important stage of your new borns life.

As a new mother you will need to get used to sleepless nights, stinky nappies, reflux and all the wonderful things your newborn teaches you. I found getting comfortable whilst breastfeeding was a real struggle. Some of the issues I came across were:

  • Lower back pain
  • Bad posture
  • Not getting enough milk to my little one
  • Not latching correctly

So after all this I received a breastfeeding pillow and it became so helpful in so many ways.

What is a breastfeeding pillow?

The breastfeeding pillow helps mums breastfeeding aswell as mums with formula, my little one started on formula after 2 months and I used the pillow for every feed, and let me tell you dad loved it too. For moms that are recovering from the C-Section operation this helps a great deal too.

Our Magoo breast feeding pillow are super stylish and we have matching accessories for your nursery.

How to use the breast feeding pillow?

  1. Go somewhere quiet, this is the time where its for mums and dads (formula :-)) enjoy staring into your little ones eyes and watching them grow by the second. Its amazing and I still miss those days.
  2. You wrap the pillow around your waist, our pillows have super soft inners to help you position your little one.
  3. Our pillows allow you to adjust the height when necessary.
  4. rest your little ones head on the pillow which helps your baby latch properly, or in the case of the bottle tilt the head slightly to get the best results.

Benefits of using a Magoo feeding pillow

  1. Even helps with pregnancy to rest your back.
  2. Helps your baby latch
  3. Helps relief from C-Sections
  4. Helps with reflux
  5. Supports your baby whilst feeding
  6. matches you baby nursery 🙂





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