Baby bean bag benefits

Baby bean bag benefits
April 13, 2016 admin
Owls Baby Bean Bag

Baby Beanbags’ soft fabric outer, bean filling and interchangeable covers provide a cosy, safe and flexible rocker alternative for your child to use from birth to school age. Baby Beanbags offer a wide range of health and practical benefits to you and your children. The benefits of using the baby beanbags are not just for your baby but also benefits mums and dad’s.

All our baby bean bags are handmade in South Africa and assist with flathead. Our bean bags assist with this as it our beanbags are so soft and our baby beanbags mould around your babies head. Our beanbags have a harness that keeps your little one from falling out and its super light to transport between your house or trips to friends. Our bean bags have an inner that has a small velcro opening underneath and we make our covers fit as tight as possible to keep little kids from trying to open them.

We have personalisation options to put your little one’s names on the Beanbag.

Baby bean bag benefits

Reduces flat head in babies (see above)
Helps with reflux
Easy to transport around
Removable cover to clean
High quality that lasts

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