Blue Striped bean bag

Blue Striped bean bag


  • Blue Striped baby bean bag
  • Durable
  • Easy to wash
  • Removable cover
  • These baby bean bags are such a great way to keep your baby comfortable.

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Blue Striped bean bag

This Blue Striped bean bag have a harness to secure your baby to the bean bag.

Many babies suffer from reflux, with our baby bean bags we move most of the filling to the top of the bean bag to ensure that the head is lifted slightly. Some newborns also suffer from flathead due to them lying down with their backs for long periods of time. Our baby bean bag cushions their head and ensures they are comfy.

  • This Blue Striped bean bag are such a great way to keep your baby comfortable.
  • This bean bag is fully overlocked and double stitched for security and comfort.
  • Extra strength and makes doubly sure that NO beans can escape. The beans are free to move around and get into all the available space, offering maximum comfort for you child.
  • Great for newborns and developing toddlers, we have the bean bags available for larger toddlers.
  • Very portable for overnight trips and perfect for just laying around the house while mommy does the chores.
  • Equipped with comfortable seat belt to keep your child in place and face up.
  • Spoil your best friend on her baby shower and get your Blue Striped bean bag today.


  • Washing: The cover of the bean bag should only be hand washed
  • Drying: The cover should be air dried (Please do not tumble dry.)
  • We recommend the Blue Striped bean bag cover with the harness for children from ages 0-10 months. When they are a little older you simply let out some of the filling.
  • You must always be watching your toddlers or babies when using the bean bag.

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